Eastern Bible College

Established in 1974. Government Recognised.

Committed to Wholistic Education & World Evangelisation

ISO 9001:2015 International Accreditation Forum (IAF)

Asia Theological Association (ATA)

Doctor of Ministry

Online Distance Learning Program

in collaboration with:

Millennium International University

Incorporated and Certified by Secretary of State, State of Delaware, USA

ISO 9001:2015, International Accreditation Forum (IAF)

Eligibility: Any Master Degree
Duration of Study : 3 to 5 Years

Submit admission form along with academic transcripts from Class 10 up, Water Baptism Certificate, Birth Certificate, latest digital colour passport size photo to whatsapp +91 7005119679 and copy to +91 7005702277 or Email to ebcdimapurad@gmail.com and copy to ebcdimapur@gmail.com  


*Theological Modules:

  • DMT501 Old Testament Survey
  • DMT502 New Testament Survey
  • DMT503 Acts of the Apostle
  • DMT504 Pauline Epistles of Ephesians
  • DMT505 Foundational Doctrine of Christian Faith
  • DMT506 Homiletics ~ The Art of Preaching
  • DMT507 Hermeneutics

*Practical Ministry Modules:

  • DMP508 Ministry of Prayer and Intercession
  • DMP509 Faith Dynamics
  • DMP510 Ministry of the Holy Spirit
  • DMP511 Biblical Principles of Giving
  • DMP512 Anointing and Supernatural Experiences
  • DMP513 Counseling
  • DMP514 Angelology
  • DMP515 Leadership Principles
  • DMP516 Biblical Principles of Success and Prosperity
  • DMP517 Ministry Ethics
  • DMP518 Demonology
  • DMP519 Ministry of Deliverance
  • DMP520 Power Evangelism
  • DMP521 Ministry of Healing
  • DMP522 Ministry of Gifts of Jesus
  • DMP523 Spiritual Warfare and Domination
  • DMP524 Gifts and Fruits of the Holy Spirit

*Book Reviews:

  • Information is available in the student program manual which will be issued to all registered students.

*Writing Articles:

  • Students are to submit titles of articles for the approval of course supervisor.

*Research Papers:

  • DMR501 The Pentateuch
  • DMR502 The Prophets and Prophecies
  • DMR503 Pauline Epistles
  • DMR504 The Book of Acts
  • DMR505 The Word of God
  • DMR506 Eschatology
  • DMR507 The Church
  • DMR508 Life of Jesus Christ
  • DMR509 The Second Coming
  • DMR510 The Kingdom of God
  • DMR511 The Christian Family
  • DMR512 The Great Men of God
  • DMR513 The Women of the Bible
  • DMR514 Bible Archaeology


  • Students are to submit titles of dissertation for the approval of course supervisor.

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