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Established in 1974. Government Recognised.

Committed to Wholistic Education & World Evangelisation

Programs accredited by ATA, UKAS, AJA Europe ISO 9001:2015

Doctor of Ministry

Online Distance Learning Program

in collaboration with:

Millennium International University

Incorporated and Certified by Secretary of State, State of Delaware, USA

UKAS, AJA Europe ISO 9001:2015 certified program

Eligibility: Any Master Degree
Duration of Study : 3 to 5 Years

Submit admission form along with academic transcripts from Class 10 up, Water Baptism Certificate, Birth Certificate, latest digital colour passport size photo to whatsapp +91 7005119679 and copy to +91 7005702277 or Email to ebcdimapurad@gmail.com and copy to ebcdimapur@gmail.com  

for online admission

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*Theological Modules:

  • DMT501 Old Testament Survey
  • DMT502 New Testament Survey
  • DMT503 Acts of the Apostle
  • DMT504 Pauline Epistles of Ephesians
  • DMT505 Foundational Doctrine of Christian Faith
  • DMT506 Homiletics ~ The Art of Preaching
  • DMT507 Hermeneutics

*Practical Ministry Modules:

  • DMP508 Ministry of Prayer and Intercession
  • DMP509 Faith Dynamics
  • DMP510 Ministry of the Holy Spirit
  • DMP511 Biblical Principles of Giving
  • DMP512 Anointing and Supernatural Experiences
  • DMP513 Counseling
  • DMP514 Angelology
  • DMP515 Leadership Principles
  • DMP516 Biblical Principles of Success and Prosperity
  • DMP517 Ministry Ethics
  • DMP518 Demonology
  • DMP519 Ministry of Deliverance
  • DMP520 Power Evangelism
  • DMP521 Ministry of Healing
  • DMP522 Ministry of Gifts of Jesus
  • DMP523 Spiritual Warfare and Domination
  • DMP524 Gifts and Fruits of the Holy Spirit

*Book Reviews:

  • Information is available in the student program manual which will be issued to all registered students.

*Writing Articles:

  • Students are to submit titles of articles for the approval of course supervisor.

*Research Papers:

  • DMR501 The Pentateuch
  • DMR502 The Prophets and Prophecies
  • DMR503 Pauline Epistles
  • DMR504 The Book of Acts
  • DMR505 The Word of God
  • DMR506 Eschatology
  • DMR507 The Church
  • DMR508 Life of Jesus Christ
  • DMR509 The Second Coming
  • DMR510 The Kingdom of God
  • DMR511 The Christian Family
  • DMR512 The Great Men of God
  • DMR513 The Women of the Bible
  • DMR514 Bible Archaeology


  • Students are to submit titles of dissertation for the approval of course supervisor.

Doctor of Ministry Fees:

Total Program Fees with Theological Master Degree Rs. 2, 49, 000 (Rupees two lakh and forty nine thousand)

Total Program Fees With General Master Degree Rs. 3, 39, 000 (Rupees three lakh and thirty nine thousand)

Rs. 40000 need to be paid at the time of admission. Remaining shall be paid in 6 instalments every 6 months. 

   5% discount will be given for full fees payment.





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