Eastern Bible College

Established in 1974. Government Recognised.

Committed to Wholistic Education & World Evangelisation

ISO 9001:2015 International Accreditation Forum (IAF)

Asia Theological Association (ATA)

Certificate of Theology

Program offered jointly by World Mission Centre USA, Eastern Bible College and Northeast Mission School.

Residential and Distance Learning Program

Curriculum is designed and taught by some of the word best experienced and anointed Christian ministers to transform you to faithfully and fruitfully participate in the Mission of God.  

Eligibility: Born again Christian who can understand, read and write English.

Duration of Study : 1 Year

*First Semester:

  • Bible Geography
  • General History of Christianity
  • Life & Ministry of Christ
  • Educational Ministry in the Church
  • Discipleship

*Second Semester:

  • God’s Ways
  • Pauline Writing
  • Spiritual Authority & Gifts
  • Daniel and Revelation
  • Pastoral Care and Counseling


Submit admission form along with academic transcripts from Class 10 up, Water Baptism Certificate, Birth Certificate, latest digital colour passport size photo to whatsapp +91 7005119679 and copy to +91 7005702277 or Email to ebcdimapurad@gmail.com and copy to ebcdimapur@gmail.com  

Eastern Bible College

P.O. Box 29
Bank Colony
Dimapur - 797112
Nagaland : India


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